Diamond rings are jewelry ornaments that adorn the finger, comprised of a metal band with a single diamond stone, or multiple diamonds that may be set upon, or encumbered within a metal band. 


Diamond rings are one of the most popular jewelry products in the world, if not the most popular, and often are given to a loved one upon engagement as a symbol of matrimony.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, therefore, jewelers opt for diamonds when creating elegant diamond rings.  The durability and ruggedness of the diamond makes it the perfect centerpiece for any jewelry product.

Diamond rings can be made with natural diamond stones, which are often rare and valuable, or lab created stones which are grown in a labratory.  Diamond stones may also be clarity or color enhanced.

Diamond or diamonds can be mounted upon almost any type of metal ring.  The most common metals used for diamond rings are gold and platinum.

Diamond rings are measured and valued in carats, the more carats (or weight) the more valuable the diamond ring.  The most common carat weight for diamond rings is about 1 carat.

Diamond rings can come in a variety of different colors including white, black, yellow, pink, and purple.  Exotic colored diamond rings often come with a higher price due to their rareness.

The Four "C's" of diamond rings are color, clarity, cut, and carat.  These four different characteristics determine the utlimate value of a diamond ring.

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