Fancy Diamond Colors

Diamond rings that feature black, yellow, or any other exotic color diamond are referred to as "fancy diamond rings".  Below are the most popular fancy diamond rings in order, according to our data:

Black Diamond Rings

Black, or carbonado, diamonds are believed to originate from outer space.  Interestingly, black diamonds are only found in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

Blue Diamond Rings


Blue diamonds are believed to be formed in the lower part of Earth's mantle.  The blue color is apparently created from boron and serpentinite.  The Argyle Mine in Australia and the Cullinan mine in South Africa are the primary producers of blue diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamond rings have many different shades from light to bright.  Canary yellow diamond rings are perhaps the most popular shade of yellow diamond rings.  Yellow diamonds are primarily mined in South Africa but may be found almost anywhere in the world.

Gray Diamond Rings

Gray diamond rings come in different shades of gray including the pale gray Silvermist diamonds.  The Argyle Mine in Australia produces gray diamonds in addition to blue diamonds.  Other gray diamond deposits can be found in Brazil, India, Russia, andSouth Africa.

Pink Diamond Rings

Pink diamond rings are amongst the most expensive fancy color diamond rings.  Once again the famous Argyle Mine in Australia is a major source of pink diamonds.  Pink diamonds have been found in other countries but the Argyle Mine produces approximately 90% of the world's pink diamonds.

Green Diamond Rings

Green diamonds are very rare and occur after the diamond is completely crystalized.  The crystalization happens as underground after being exposed to direct radiation.  Major sources of green diamonds are Borneo and Central Africa although large green diamonds have been discovered in Brazil.

Red Diamond Rings

According to the GIA, "red diamonds are so rare, that GIA records show that over a 30 year period from 1957 to 1987 there was no mention of a GIA lab report issued for a diamond with “red” as the only descriptive term."  Red diamonds can be found near deposits of pink diamonds.

Brown Diamond Rings

Brown diamonds are the most common color natural diamonds besides clear.  Brown diamonds can account for 15% of diamond production.  Brown diamonds do not have much appeal to the human eye and are used primarily for industrial purposes.  There is shade of brown diamonds called "chocolate diamonds", originating from the Argyle Mine, which are marketed by Le-Vian.

Purple Diamond Rings

Purple diamond rings can come in shades from dark purple to violet.  The Argyle mine produces violet diamonds, and purple diamonds can be found in South Africa.  A few mines in Russia contain purple diamonds as well.

Champagne Diamond Rings

Champagne diamonds are formed from crystals and nitrogen, and can be found all over the world.  Siberia is a major source of champage diamonds but like almost any color fancy diamond, can also be found in the Argyle Mine of Australia.

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