Main Stone Shape

The main stone shape is the shape of the actual diamond set upon the ring band.  Below we describe the most common diamond ring main stone shapes:

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings

Round brilliant cut diamond rings are by far the most popular diamond ring shape.  This diamond shape originated in the 17th century.

Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Princes cut diamonds come in rectangle and square shapes.  The unique way the princess cut diamond refracts light, especially in the four corners, makes this shape very popular.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings


The cushion cut diamond ring can offer the best of both worlds.  The shape is square or rectangle with a brilliant cut and rounded corners.  This is also referred to as a "pillow" cut diamond because the diamond looks more like a pillow.

Oval Diamond Rings


Oval diamond rings are simply shaped like an oval.  It has similiar radiance of a brilliant cut with an elongated look.  Oval shaped diamond rings first made their splash in the mid 20th century.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings


Emerald cut diamond rings have been around for centuries and never seem to go out of style.  They come in a rectangular shape with cut corners and parallel facets which can make the diamond look bigger than it actually it is.  Emeralds were originally cut in this shape because they are less likely to chip.

Pear Shaped Diamond Rings


Pear shaped diamond rings, also known as "teardrop" shaped, have 58 facets which refract light in a very unique manner.  Pear shaped diamonds also make excellent compliments set next to a larger solitaire diamond stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings


Marquise cut diamond rings are a slender, elongated oval shape that makes the diamond look bigger than reality.  The length of the marquise cut diamond ring maximizes carat weight.

Heart Shaped Diamond Rings


Heart shaped diamond rings are more rare and expensive to cut than other diamond stone shapes.  This consequently gives them a higher price tag.  They are a symbol of love which makes the high price a little easier to digest.

Radiant Cut Diamond Rings


Radiant cut diamond rings resemble emerald cut diamond rings with trimmed corners, yet the radiance of the brilliant cut shines through as well.  The radiant cut was not originated until 1977, by jewelry designer Henry Grossbard.

Asscher Cut Diamond Rings


The asscher cut diamond ring was invented in the 1920's and goes in and out of style often.  The design was born out of the Art Deco era of jewelry.  Asscher cut diamond rings look like emerald cut diamond rings except they are square.  

Baguette Cut Diamond Rings


Also commonly referred to as "step cut" diamonds, baguette cut diamond rings bare resemblence to princess cut diamond rings.  However, baguette cut diamonds are primarily used as accents to a larger solitaire stone, not used as the center stone.

Square Cut Diamond Rings


Square cut diamond rings are simply another name for princess cut diamond rings, they are one and the same.

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