Main Stone Treatment

The main stone treatment for a diamond ring can be enhanced for clarity and/or color.  Enhanced stones can improve the look of the diamond ring to the naked eye, however, enhancement of a natural diamond stone seriously impairs its value.  

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Rings

Clarity, one of the 4 "C's" of diamonds, of a diamond can be enhanced using fillers.  Lower quality diamonds with visibile impairments are "fracture filled", or enhanced to fill in cracks.  Clarity enhancement is a common practice and jewelers should disclose clarity enhanced diamonds to customers.

Color Enhanced Diamond Rings

Darker colored diamond rings may be color enhanced to improve their look to the natural eye.  Again, jewelers should disclose whether the diamond has been color enhanced.  A process called "high pressure high treatment", or HPHT, is used to enhance the diamond color.  Color enhanced diamond rings are not very common especially compared to clarity enghanced diamond rings.

Color and Clarity Enhanced Diamond Rings


Jewelers sometimes enhance both the color and the clarity of a diamond ring.  These enhancements obviously make the diamond ring more visually appealing.  Typically this product has a lower price point and little resale value.

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