Diamond Rings can be set upon almost any metal.  Below are the most commonly used metals for Diamond Rings:

White Gold Diamond Rings

White gold diamond rings have gained tremendous popularity over the last few decades and are currently the most common metal used in manufacturing diamond rings.


Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

Yellow gold diamond rings are both classic and popular.

Sterling Silver Diamond Rings


Sterling silver is 92.5% silver with the remainder being alloys, often copper.  Sterling silver is a durable metal but can be heavy for a ring.  The low price point of silver makes sterling silver diamond rings a popular metal option.

Rose Gold Diamond Rings

Rose gold diamond rings have also gained popularity in recent years.  To achieve the "rose gold" color, copper is alloyed with gold to bring a reddish hue.

Platinum Diamond Rings

Platinum diamond rings gained tremendously popularity in the early 2000's.  Platinum has a silvery color and doesn't lose metal mass particle when scratched, making it a very attractive metal option.

Gold Plated Diamond Rings

Gold plated diamond rings are typically made of silver or copper metal, and then plated with a thin layer of gold on top of the copper or silver surface.  They are an inexpensive option.

Multi-Tone Gold Diamond Rings

Multi-tone gold diamond rings use two different color gold metals in the same ring design.

Tungsten Diamond Rings

Tungsten is a grayish white heavy metal.  These types of diamond rings are usually bands encrusted with small diamonds.

Titanium Diamond Rings

Titanium is a silvery metal that has interesting characteristics for a diamond ring.  It's both light weight and corrosion resistant.

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