Natural vs. Lab Created

The fight is on!  Natural vs. Lab created diamond ring manufacturers are duking it out over which type of diamond ring is the future of jewelry.  Natural diamonds, mined from the earth's crust and extremely rare, vs. lab created diamonds which are more environmentally friendly grown in a lab, but lose the rarity factor.  Perhaps the most likely outcome is both natural and lab created diamond rings will grow in popularity together and not cannabilize one another.

Below are the pros and cons comparing the two types of diamond rings:

Natural Diamond Rings

Pros:  Rare, Valuable, Traditional

Cons:  Higher price, Environmental harm

You can learn more about Natural Diamonds from the Natural Diamond Council

Lab Created Diamond Rings

Pros:  Lower price, Environmentally friendly

Cons:  Not rare, Low resale value

The American Diamond Council plans to develop a website devoted to lab created diamonds.

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