There are several established styles of diamond rings.  Below are the most popular diamond ring styles:

Diamond Solitaire

Diamond solitaire rings are simply diamond rings with only one diamond stone.  Diamond solitaire rings are both classic and popular.

Diamond Solitaire with Accents

Diamond solitaire rings with accents contain one center stone diamond, and then multiple smaller stones set beside the main stones.  The smaller diamond stones act as "accents" to the main center diamond stone.

Diamond Halo

Diamond halo rings contain a large center diamond surrounded entirely by smaller accent diamonds stones.  Pave diamonds are commonly used for the smaller accent stones.


Three-Stone diamond rings, you guessed it, contains three stones :)  These rings are also commonly referred to as "Trinity" or "Trilogy" rings.   Three diamonds are set in a horizontal row and often represent fidelity and friendship, but can also be used an engagement ring or anniversary ring.


Pavé diamond rings are rings with very small diamonds aligned along the shank of the ring.  A center stone may be set upon the top of the ring shank/band as well.

Split Shank

Split shank diamond rings contain a ring band that is split into two separate metal strings, meeting at the center, with a diamond center stone.  Split shank diamond rings are becoming more popular as engagement rings.


Diamond twist rings are pretty self explanatory.  The ring has metals twists and the band is encumbered in diamonds.  A center stone may be set on top of the band as well.


Diamond infinity rings are also commonly referred to as eternity rings.  The ring band is encumbered in a line of small diamonds and the entire circle of the band.  This ring identifies with neverending love.


Diamond bezel rings are also commonly referred to as a "rubover setting".  This style of diamond ring is unique in the fact the bezel setting securely fastens the diamond in place of the metal band.

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