There are several different diamond ring themes, or occassions.  Below are the common themes for diamond rings:

Diamond Engagement Rings

The diamond engagement ring is the most famous ring, or infamous ring to some.  Custom has it man should spend the equivalent of at least two months paycheck for their spouse's diamond engagement ring.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are typically diamond bands, without a center stone, that match diamond engagement rings.  Preferably the diamond band match is identical but like almost anything in life, it's not necessary.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Diamond anniversary rings are given by either spouse to commemorate the anniversary of their wedding.  Anniversary rings or bands typically don't have a big center stone, as they don't want to overshadow or rival the engagement and wedding ring set.

Diamond Friendship Rings

Friendship diamond rings are often twists, or two diamonds coming together in some form, to connotate friendship between two people.

Diamond Heart Rings

Diamond heart rings are given to symbolize love between two people.  The diamond is an actual heart shape.

Diamond Eternity Rings

Diamond eternity rings are circular bands with small diamonds encumbered around the entire band.  This symbolizes a never ending loop, or eternity.

His & Her Diamond Rings

His and her diamond rings are fairly self explanatory.  They are the same, identical diamond ring worn by both a man and woman and signifies union.

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