Total Carat Weight

Per the Gemological Institute of America, “carat weight” refers to the weight of a single stone, “total carat weight” – sometimes abbreviated “tcw” – is used to describe the weight of all the diamonds in a multi-stone ring".


Below are the most common total carat weights for diamond rings:

1 to 1.24 CT Diamond Rings

The most popular total carat weight for a diamond ring is in this range.  These are mostly diamond solitaire rings, ie diamond rings featuring only one, single diamond.

1.25 to 1.49 CT Diamond Rings

Diamond rings in this carat range are mostly diamond solitaire rings as well.

1.50 to 1.74 CT Diamond Rings

Once you get into this total carat range multiple diamond stones become more commonplace although vast majority are still solitaires.

1.75 to 1.99 CT Diamond Rings

Single diamond stones in this carat weight become more rare and accent diamonds more common.

2 to 4.99 CT Diamond Rings

This is a big range group as diamond rings containing multiple stones are predominant.  Single solitaire diamond rings in this carat range can command high prices if the diamond is of high quality.

5 to 9.99 CT Diamond Rings

Almost all of the diamond rings in this range are multiple stone rings.  It's difficult to find quality diamonds in this carat size as they are extremely rare.

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